Reflections on 44

Today I turn 44.

As usual, I am keeping my birthday low key.  Work.  Dinner with the fam.  No drunken debauchery or morning-after hangover.

But last year at this time I posted on Facebook about all the changes in my life that I wanted to make.  I have forgotten most of them but the one I remember is this.  To write.

Writing has been the one gift from God and the Universe that I have not fully realized and utilized, but lingers in my mind.  Every. Single. Day.

Subconsciously, I fulfilled this promise to myself, just under the wire, by starting this blog a few weeks ago.  I am glad for all the readership (but tell me this, how do people in Romania/Brazil find this blog?  WordPress has stats that show me how many people look at the blog and what country they are from.  But no indentifiers – so no worries for all of you who read and re-read last Friday’s spicy offering 😉 but the last few days my readers have all been from South America/ Eastern Europe)

Just curious.

Anyway, I am keeping with my self-imposed requirement of twice-weekly postings.  To honor this gift that I have been given, on a day when I celebrate and thank who/whatever is responsible for my very existence on this planet.

And for the life experiences that I’ve had lo these 44 years.  Fortunately, the life that I have led lends itself to writing.  I’ve needed my imagination very little.  The vignettes that I have posted here are all based on experiences that I have had on my journey.

This journey of life.  Stephen King once said that your first love is like a roller coaster, a series of wild ups and downs.  The best ride.  The ride you only get to ride once.

To me, that’s a better metaphor about life in general.  Wild ups and downs.  Only get one ride.

And as my other writer/mentor Hunter S. Thompson said;

“Buy the ticket.  Take the ride.”

That’s what I am doing with my life.  Taking the ride.  And that’s my birthday wish for all of you.  Take your ride.  Hold on tight.

As far as my next story post, I want your input.  I am going to give you the opening.  You tell me where it should go from there.


Picture in your mind a dirty, smoky biker bar.  A man is sitting at a battered table, holding a cigarette and fiddling with a bottle of beer.  He is staring intently at the chair across from him.  That chair is empty as far as everyone else in the bar can see.  Only he can see the individual in front of him.  An angel.

Not the winged, bathed in the Glorious Light Hollywood angel.  Just a very normal appearing being, who has revealed a special task for the man.  A task sent from the Almighty himself.  A task for this man only to do.  A task he cannot refuse.

What is the task?

What does the angel look like to you?

Is the angel male or female?
If any of you are inclined to give me a birthday present, here is a free one you can give that I would appreciate more than anything.

Answer those questions for me.  The answers that I receive that click will become part of the story.

Thanks for reading.  Now be off to take the Ride of the Day.

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